The Institute of Behavioural and Decision Science (IBDS) is dedicated to incubate interdisciplinary research that offers novel behavioural insights and solutions to rising business challenges and facilitates evidence-based decision-making in firms and governments.

IBDS supports visionary, interdisciplinary research projects on cutting-edge topics with significant industrial and societal impacts, including but not limited to the following:

Retailing services in the emerging Metaverse era using virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies

Cultural and aesthetic features of digital artifacts
(e.g., 3-D product models)


The role of NFT (Non-fungible Token) in transforming brand identity, customer relationship, and financial behaviour

Workplace changes and employee well-being during and post pandemic


Unpacking leadership and team dynamics from a neuropsychological perspective


China Marketing

(e.g., advertising, branding, distribution and innovation strategies, as well as consumption behaviors in contemporary China)

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

(e.g., cutting-edge behavioral studies in various contemporary topics in consumer psychology)

Services Marketing

Services Marketing

(e.g., frontier service research on discretionary preferential treatments, customer experience, service excellence index, interaction transition in dyadic service conversations)

Big Data and Quantitative Marketing

Big Data and Quantitative Marketing

(e.g., cutting-edge studies involving quantitative modeling and empirical studies in big data and social networking)