Publications since 2019

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Daniella Kupor,Jayson S. Jia,Zakary Tormala


"Change Appeals: How Referencing Change Boosts Curiosity and Promotes Persuasion"

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Wan Echo Wenand Rocky Peng Chen


"Anthropomorphism and Object Attachment"

Current Opinion in Psychology

39, 88-93

Jia, He (Michael),B. Kyu Kim, and Lin Ge


"Speed Up, Size Down: How Animated Movement Speed in Product Videos Influences Size Assessment and Product Evaluation"

Journal of Marketing

Fine F. Leung,Sara Kimand Caleb H. Tse


"Highlighting Effort Versus Talent in Service Employee Performance: Customer Attributions and Responses"

Journal of Marketing

84 (3), 106–121

Jayson S. Jia,Xin Lu, Yuan Yun, Ge Xu, Jianmin Jia, Nicholas Christakis


"Population Flow Drives Spatio-Temporal Distribution of COVID-19 in China"



582, 389-394

Leung, Fine F., Caleb H. Tse, andChi Kin Yim


"Engaging Customer Cocreation in New Product Development Through Foreign Subsidiaries: Influences of Multinational Corporations’ Global Integration and Local Adaptation Mechanisms"

Journal of International Marketing

28.2: 59-80

Wilfred Amaldoss,Jinzhao Du,and Woochoel Shin


"Media Platform’s Content Provision Strategy and Source of Profits"

Marketing Science

Huang Feifei, Vincent Chi Wong, andWan Echo Wen


"The Influence of Product Anthropomorphism on Comparative Judgment"

Journal of Consumer Research

46(5), 936-955

Li, Xueni (Shirley), Kimmy Wa Chan, andSara Kim


"Service with Emotions: How Customers Interpret Employee Use of Emoticons in Online Service Encounters"

Journal of Consumer Research

45 (5), 973–987

Zhou, Xinyue,Sara Kimand Lili Wang


"Money Helps When Money Feels: Money Anthropomorphism Increases Charitable Giving"

Journal of Consumer Research

45 (5), 953–972

Lei Su,Echo Wen WanYuwei Jiang


"Filling an Empty Self: The Impact of Social Exclusion on Consumer Preference for Visual Density"

Journal of Consumer Research

46(4), 808-824

Mou, Jian, J. Christopher Westland,Tuan Q. Phanand Tianhui Tan


"Microlending on Mobile Social Credit Platforms: An Exploratory Study Using Philippine Loan Contracts"

Electronic Commerce Research

Bhattacharya, Prasanta,Tuan Q. Phan,Xue Bai, and Edoardo M. Airoldi


"A Coevolution Model of Network Structure and User Behavior: The Case of Content Generation in Online Social Networks"

Information Systems Research

January 10

Chan, Kimmy Wa,Chi Kin Yimand Taeshik Gong


"An investigation of nonbeneficiary reactions to discretionary preferential treatments"

Journal of Service Research

22.4 (2019): 371-387

Hu, Mantian,Chu (Ivy) Dangand Pradeep K. Chintagunta


"Search and Learning at a Daily Deals Website"

Marketing Science

38 (4), 609-642

Huang, Zhongqiang (Tak),Yitian (Sky) Liang, Charles B. Weinberg and Gerald J. Gorn


"The Sleepy Consumer and Variety Seeking"

Journal of Marketing Research

Book and Book Chapters

ISDN 9781107060128

Tse, David K. and Kineta Hung


Dynamic Growth of Chinese Firms in the Global Market: Challenges, Strategies and Implications

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

ISDN 9781786436344

Hung, Kineta and David K. Tse


"Luxury brand consumption in emerging economies: Review and implications"

Research Handbook on Luxury Branding

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020
PG. 283-301
ISDN 9781351245234

Bridges, Eileen, Charles F. Hofacker, and Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim


"Service Digitization and the Provider-to-Customer Handoff"

The Routledge Handbook of Service Research Insights and Idea, eds.

Eileen Bridges and Kendra Fowler, 283-301

New York: Routledge