IBDS Seminar - Neuroscience Approaches in Business Studies


SISU BMIB Research Team


Neuroscience approaches have extensive applications across various business disciplines, such as consumer behavior, organizational behavior, information systems, behavioral economics, and behavioral finance.

In this interdisciplinary seminar, the research team from the Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior (BMIB, Ministry of Education and Shanghai) at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) will (1) introduce various cutting-edge equipment and devices including a research-dedicated 3T Siemens MRI scanner, EEG, fNIRS, TMS/tDCS, eye trackers, inter alia available in the BMIB lab that are open for business researchers to use (for measuring mental process, information processing, visual attention, etc.), (2) illustrate the applications of neuroscience approaches to business studies, and (3) discuss with HKUBS colleagues and students how neuroscience approaches can be facilitated by the BMIB lab to provide complementary evidence for existing and potential projects.



(1) A brief introduction of the Key Laboratory of Brain-Machine Intelligence for Information Behavior at SISU by Dean Yu PAN & Prof. Fenghua WANG

(2) Flash talks on applications of neuroscience in business studies

> “Motivated Information Processing and Belief Updating: Evidences from Behavioral Experiment, Computational Modelling, and Neuroscience” by Prof. Qiang SHEN

> “Adapting Sense of Presence to Product Uncertainties in Crafting Augmented Reality Enhanced Experiences” by Prof. Hua FAN

(3) Idea exchanges between the SISU BMIB research team and HKUBS colleagues and students on leveraging neural measures to augment research projects across various business disciplines


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